Our Approach

Value is the keystone of the Robotti investment selection process.
Our research approach is through "classic" value investing as pioneered by Benjamin Graham. Robotti & Company maintains a long term investment horizon in its securities selection.  Inherent in our approach is the belief that market prices of securities do not necessarily indicate their true economic worth.  Our analysts research and identify investments selling at significant discounts to their "intrinsic value." Through our research process we seek to identify companies that provide the opportunity for substantial capital appreciation while maintaining a significant "margin of safety."
Our investment niche is small-to-mid capitalization equities of misunderstood, neglected and out-of-favor companies. The majority of the stocks we buy for clients are, or were, under-followed and under-researched by Wall Street. By looking at the companies that have minimal sponsorship, we are able to uncover original and compelling investment ideas. While we do specialize in smaller companies, we also seek opportunities within our core competencies and will consider larger companies when appropriate.
We have followed this investment philosophy since our inception and are proud of the long-term performance results that we have realized for our clients. 


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