Separately Managed Accounts


Robotti & Company has been offering institutional and individual investors customized separately managed accounts since 1986.  We look to provide our clients with superior risk‐adjusted returns over the long‐term. Our investment process and fundamental research approach have been reliable and repeatable for over 30 years.
Why Separately Managed Accounts:
  • Separately Managed Accounts are private portfolios of actively managed, individual securities. Assets are not commingled; therefore clients may closely monitor their portfolio and evaluate individual investments and exposures.


  •  Our Separately Managed Accounts provide individual & institutional investors access to Robotti & Company’s investment team and portfolio management capabilities for one asset-based fee. 


  •  Separately Managed Accounts allow investors to pay taxes only on the gains that they actually realize.  Individual securities in the account are owned directly, allowing investors to work with their tax advisor to implement tax-efficient investing strategies.


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